Celebrating in Germany!

Studying abroad in Germany turned out to be a fun-filled, exciting experience! Especially in the States, Germans are stereotyped as being strict and very business-like. Since I’ve been in Germany, I have definitely changed my opinion. Germans are always partying! That’s one major reason this experience has been so much fun.

Every weekend there is a new festival or celebration to attend—all over the country, so there are literally hundreds of festivals to attend in Germany. We all know about Oktoberfest, Carnival, and the various Christmas markets. But there are many others, such as various wine festivals, food festivals, the festival of lights, and even museum festivals. Germans always have a reason to celebrate something!


One of the Beer Tents at this year’s Oktoberfest

I’ve had the once-in-a-lifetime pleasure of attending several of these different festivals, and each one has been unique, and very cool. So, as you all go to the over-crowded malls to spend your holidays, I’ll be at various Christmas Markets drinking Glühwein and ice-skating!

Wiesbaden's 40th Annual Wine Festival.

Wiesbaden’s 40th Annual Wine Festival.

One of the various Christmas Markets!

One of the various Christmas Markets!


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