I have been in Prague for 3 weeks now and I couldn’t love it any more. Prague is a very clean city with unbelievable sights. People here do no speak as much English as I was expecting so that has been hard to get used to. Younger people are usually pretty nice if you ask them for help translating something though. Getting around the city is very easy, it only took me about a couple of days to understand how the tram and metro worked. I would say the most important thing if coming to Prague would be to try and learn the public transportation as fast as possible, and always have a map on you the first week because thats the easiest way to learn the city. A important tip is to get the AAA taxi app for Prague, you press a button on the app and a taxi will show up in less than 5 minutes usually. Also if you use the app the transaction is registered with the store so the taxi driver has to charge the right price, and he can’t rip you off.

We have done something completely different every day and we still have so much to see! Some things we have done so far include a boat cruise down the river at night, going to beer tasting event at the Royal Gardens, and toured the castle.

I honestly believe Prague is the best place to study abroad because its a safe place to be with plenty to do. Also its right in the middle of Europe so traveling to other countries is very easy. If not studying in Prague, do yourself a favor and at least visit it!


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