Sevilla, Spain


Today marks the week and half point that I’ve been living and learning in Sevilla, Spain! So far la ciudad has been beyond imagination with beautiful architecture, amazing culture and hospitality unlike anywhere else. So far ISA and myself have visited the cathedral, El Alcázar, Plaza de España and the many beautiful, historic calles that are scattered around the city. As a lover of architecture, the cathedral has by far been my favorite! I could spend all day there for a week straight and still not be able to witness every extraordinary detail this behemoth has to offer. Outside the group I went to my first bull fight! It was an awesome experience but animal lovers beware, they do kill the bulls! It’s been great meeting the other cardinals (Cecily DuPont, Sara Jones, Monica Moehle) to share this amazing experience with as we proudly represent the University of Louisville everywhere we go!

Bull Fight Sevilla, Spain

Currently I am taking two classes, International Finance and the Crisis in the Eurozone which are both quite interesting. I would highly recommend taking the Crisis in the Eurozone class if you can! Once I complete my session here in Sevilla, I’m off to Valencia for session two where I will be taking Marketing 301 and Business Communications so more to come on those.

This weekend we are set to take a group excursion to the cities of Córdoba and Granada which I am extremely excited for. So far no city has ceased to amaze me so I can’t wait to see what these two have in store.

At times I was unsure if study abroad would be the right fit for me but I can now confidently say that I would go again and again just based on my week and a half of experiences! Thanks to everyone that has made this trip possible! I’ll keep you posted on the many future adventures to come! L1C4 ¡Adios!

El Alcazar Sevilla, Spain

Connor Newton


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