A Day in St. Emillion!

Bon Jour again!

This time from a different city in France! This past Saturday we decided to take a day trip to a little wine town called St. Emillion, located only 30 minutes from Bordeaux! It was definitely one of my favorite days in France. The weather was nice and there was FREE wine tasting! Everywhere store we went into they offered and we asked how much it cost and it was all free! It was great. A lot of the wines were made in St. Emillion and you couldn’t get anywhere else. The town was so beautiful and we even climbed all the way to the top of a churches tower to get an amazing few of the entire town! This is also where I decided to try escargot and a macaroon! It was a very successful day. Ps if you go to France you must eat a snail they are actually really good! Probably because they drown it in butter and herbs but it is delicious! It was really nice to get away to a small town that was not crowded and absolutely beautiful. The streets were all cobblestone and the buildings had a very old time-y feel. If you ever have the chance to visit I highly suggest St. Emillion.

This was our last weekend in Bordeaux because next weekend we are heading to Paris and then home :(. I am glad we picked that little town to visit before we leave.


Also I apologize for the pictures not working in the last post. Hopefully these make up for it!


St. Emillion IMG_3715 IMG_3742 IMG_3724

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