Ces’t La Vie

Bonjour! I have officially settled in to this experience that I probably will never really believe. I’m in France! I knew I had dreams to come, but actually having them come true is invigorating!

We are currently in the three week program attend the business school, also known as Kedge. We are in Talence, a small town in Bordeux, which is right outside Paris. The biggest adjustment we had to make was adapting to the food. The U.S. is very big on instant gratification, so there will also most never be a time that fast food isn’t within reach. In France, they take their time with everything and enjoy sitting down in restaurants and eating food prepared as they order including meat cooking in house, fresh cheese, and at natural ingredients. I was so accustomed to being able to get a quick value meal at taco bell that not having this as an option made me feel like I was starving!!! Of course, after the dramatics passed, I realized this was the perfect time to enjoy some traditional French cuisine and live life as the French do. I loaded up on Noutella, baguettes, cheese, and dairy products. Needless to say, good habits die hard, so in addition to leaving with those French stables, I also left with burgers, peanut butter and jelly, sugar golden crisp, Pringles, and snickers. Many of these are considered specialty foods because most French people don’t consume them, and will laugh when you mention them.

I walk everywhere. Even though the city has mastered in state travel through buses and trams, its nice to slow down and just take in the scenery. The school is a 30 minute walk every day, and I enjoy just basking the fact that I am here. I have taken many small adventures searching for good and have discovered some beautiful places. Speaking of traveling, Europe has one of the best systems for getting around. Travel isn’t that expensive, so I plan to take many trips with my roommate and friend from the States. This weekend we are heading into the city, and will also travel by tram to Spain. Next week is Italy, and we plan to spend the weekend there. The part of the trip that excited me the most is being able to visit the surrounding areas.

Being here makes me realize how fortunate I am. Some people go a whole lifetime and never get to see a fraction of the things I see. I keep this in mind as i gallivant about the country side looking for the next exciting journey. Can’t wait to see what else this trip has in store for me!


Valencia Richard

A Delighted Traveler

P.S. Jetlag is not a myth as I originally assumed. It is real! My first night in Bordeux, I slept 20 hours straight, an could still go back for more!

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