My Agenda in the First Week

I am writing this schedule so I can give future exchange students to the ebs an idea of how their week might look! This also gives me the opportunity to somewhat reflect on my experiences in this amazing country.


Here is a small outline of what I did in the 1st week of my:


Wednesday, August 15:



Thursday, August 16:

Arrived in
Frankfurt. Got picked up by Jennifer who took me my apartment, took me grocery shopping, and got me situated with the landlord. I cannot thank her for her hospitality. Met some people that evening.


Friday, August 17:

Went to
Mainz with the people I met the night before. My first experience of
Germany. The city is absolutely amazing. However, the trains only go until 12:30. We were almost stranded at the train station. We made it home safe and sound at 5:00. Public transportation in
Germany is good, but service is only once an hour and once every two hours on weekends. The school is in a small town.


Saturday, August 18:

Slept a lot after a coming home so late. Made a budget, and got more acquainted with Hallgarten, the town which I stay in. I also exercised. No workout facility, so running is our only option.


Sunday, August 19:

We went to Rudesheim, a very touristy town on the
Rhine. Even though it is small, we found good food. Rudesheim is the town that resembles the busy street in the Harry Potter books. 10 of us found a restaurant and enjoyed coffee. Since it is
Germany, there is alcohol in it, of course.


That is a quick agenda of the 1st week. I had my first taste of freedom. No more fast food. No more quick meals. No more parents. Freedom has its pros and cons.

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I am a junior at the University of Louisville, double majoring in Finance and Business Management and minoring in International Business. I am currently studying in Germany at the European Business School in Oestrich-Winkel. I love the University of Louisville, and I am anticipating a lot from this study abroad opportunity.

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