The Language Barrier

In practical use, a language barrier might be something that prevents two individuals from communicating effectively. In my recent travels, I have come to terms with a new meaning of the language barrier. Language is a big part of any culture and thus, if you want to truly immerses yourself in a cultural experience; you have to interact with the language on some level.

What’s interesting about The Hague, however, is that language is not an issue as almost everyone here speaks English. I believe this presents an amazing opportunity for anyone who is in search of a new cultural experience but does not know any other languages. With this language barrier out of the way, you are able to dictate your experience in The Hague.

I bike the city like the locals. I eat all the local Dutch cuisine. I have adjusted to Dutch timeliness and even became accustomed to their nightlife. With the language barrier removed, I have been able to have a 100% authentic cultural immersion in the Netherlands and I am incredibly grateful for that. I encourage anyone who fears a language barrier to consider studying in Holland.
– AJ Bucci

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