Abroad in Austria Pt 6 6/17/13

Paris was incredible. By far the most beautiful, amazing place I’ve ever been. They have the bus tours like the ones in Berlin but I would walk and use the subway system. You can get weekend and all day passes for the subway and when you walk you get to see all of the amazing architecture in the city. Everyone has to walk up the Eiffel tower, don’t take the elevator! It’s an awesome feeling of accomplishment and amazing views if you walk up. I would definitely stay till dusk and watch it light up at night. I didn’t while I was there because we were afraid to ride the subway that late at night (our hostel was pretty far out of the city) but I really regret not doing it. We went do Disney Paris while we were there too. If you are a Disney fan I would totally go. It’s different from the parks in the US and totally worth it. Especially the fireworks show at the castle at night.

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