Abroad in Austria Pt 4 6/10/13

I went on my first “solo” excursion over the weekend to Berlin, Germany. Not exactly what I was expecting but definitely cool! I went with 5 other people in the program and we had a blast. My suggestion would be to get on one of the hop on hop off bus tours because Berlin is way too big of a city to try to walk the whole thing. The bus tour was like 10 Euro per person and totally worth it. Make sure you go to Checkpoint Charlie while you’re there-it’s very busy but very cool! And make sure to see the area of the Berlin Wall that is left. We ate dinner on a boat that cruised the river while you eat and it was amazing. The city is absolutely beautiful at night! Also there are some great hostels to stay at right outside of the train station that are really affordable and in a great location. The train station itself is really cool too-take a few minutes to look around it if you have time.

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