Abroad in Austria Pt 2 5/30/2013

So first things first-Jet Lag…It’s no joke. I’m a Louisville native so I live there all the time. For my flight to Austria I choose to fly on the group flight (another really cool thing about the KIIS program where most of the students fly over together to give you extra time to get to know each other). Our travel plans were kind of intense because Bregenz doesn’t have an international airport and the closest one is about 2 hours away. So my entire day was travel, travel, travel. I left Louisville with my family around 7 and headed to Cincinnati, which is where our first flight was departing from. We got to Cincinnati around 9 and stopped for some breakfast which everyone should do before they get on any flight because airport food is always expensive. After breakfast we went to the airport and I got checked in for my flight and checked my luggage and whatnot (by the way for the girls out there, I had one checked bag, a carry on, and a pretty full backpack and was fine. I know people say to take as little as possible but I had a lot of stuff in those three bags and was okay getting around the airport and whatnot by myself) and then said goodbye to my family which wasn’t as sad as I thought it would be. I had too much adrenaline and was way too excited to be sad! So basically I spent the next 18 hours or something like that on a plane which was very, very boring. I tried this technique where I thought I would only sleep during the hours that I would normally be sleeping which didn’t work at all. If you’re flying overseas my advice would be sleep as much as you possibly can. Take sleeping pills if you need to because if you don’t then you will be a zombie once you get to your destination which is no fun at all. I missed basically my entire first day here in Austria because I hadn’t slept at all. So when you’re on a plane just sleep. That’s my only advice so far but classes start tomorrow here so I’m sure I’ll have more advice soon.

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