Traveling in Europe: Hostel Style

Every weekend during my trip here is Bregenz, Austria, I am able to travel. I have been to Munich, Salzburg, Heidelberg, Mannheim, Florence, Pisa, and Venice so far. They have all been wonderful trips and each day is an adventure. But you might ask where I stay or how I can afford to stay in so many places…..well, the answer is hostels.

Youth hostels are for students just like you and me that are traveling all around Europe or even the world. (Fun Fact…we actually have some in the US in the larger cities) They are usually for students under the age of 26. Depending on the individual hostel, you will be staying in a dorm like room with a community bathroom or a private room with your own bathroom (which I would recommend for hygiene and safety reasons). The type of room also makes the price vary. Personally, I have paid between 23 euro-40 euro for one night.

Many hostels have a 24-hour reception desk, great for safety and late nights out, that are very knowlegdable about the city and usually have a lot of information for students who are working on a budget. Another great thing, all of the hostels I have stayed in have Wifi, which is nice to let someone know you made it to your destination safely and research things to do. Breakfast, discos, pools, and air conditioning are all amenities that I have had the pleasure of enjoying in hostels.

Needless to say I would recommend staying in hostels during your stay in Europe or wherever you are traveling! Here are some links to get you started! (General search engine for hostels)

Hostel Worldwide (General search engine for hostels)

Haus International (Recommended hostel in Munich)

Meininger (Recommended hostel in Salzburg)

PLUS Florence (Recommended hostel in Florence)

Alloggi Gerotto Calderan (Recommended hostel in Venice)

Good luck and enjoy the traveler’s life,

Katlyn Whelan

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