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Accelerating Enterprise Growth

Develop the skills, tools, and network you need to reach the top of the Franchise industry.

Accelerating Enterprise Growth

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Visionaries like you shape the franchise landscape. Accelerating Enterprise Growth, crafted by the University of Louisville in partnership with Yum! Brands, is designed to give you the skills, tools, and network that you need to reach the top of the Franchise industry.

Accelerating Enterprise Growth is one of two programs in the Accelerating Growth for Franchise Leaders initiative. This initiative is designed to prepare franchise leaders at multiple levels to ascend to senior management roles and grow their business.

Which Program is Right For You?

Accelerating Enterprise Growth
Accelerating Enterprise Growth is for seasoned leaders within the franchise sector, including roles such as Regional Managers, District Managers, Multi-Unit Managers, Operations Managers, Directors, Vice Presidents, and Presidents. This year-long journey will propel your leadership capabilities into strategic growth and operational excellence, preparing you to oversee large-scale operations.

Accelerating Unit Expansion
Accelerating Unit Expansion is for franchise managers aiming to scale their leadership from overseeing one or two units to managing multiple locations. This six-month program is perfect for individuals aspiring to roles such as Area Coaches or District Managers. Click here to learn more about Accelerating Unit Expansion!

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Accelerating Growth

Program Highlights:

  • One year total program duration
  • 6 one-month online courses, including interactive self-paced content and virtual class sessions on Zoom
  • A 3-day in-person residential in Louisville
  • An applied learning project that will benefit your business with faculty coaching and support


The curriculum, rich with advanced insights and strategies, covers critical areas such as bank and real estate negotiations, financial portfolio management, and comprehensive elements of franchise growth. Tailored for individuals aiming for the upper echelons of franchise leadership, “Accelerating Enterprise Growth” offers the tools, knowledge and network to scale your operations and achieve unparalleled success in the franchise industry.

  • The Franchise Model
    Learn to navigate the intricacies of the franchise business model and gain insights into the obligations and responsibilities of both the franchisees and franchisors. This course will also cover crucial aspects such as marketing strategies, advisory councils/associations, and the impact of C-suite changes within a franchise system.
  • Advanced Financial Management for Multi-Unit Leadership
    Deepen your financial acumen with essential finance topics like interpreting financial statements, leveraging Key Performance Indicators, guiding teams to achieve profit margins, managing time allocation, coaching large teams on P&L levers, understanding the significance of EBITDA, and navigating appropriate debt levels and leverage ratios.
  • Financial Strategies for Business Growth and Expansion
    Learn essential strategies for business growth and expansion. Topics include funding options, effective communication techniques when engaging with financial institutions and the criteria they assess, business valuation principles, key levers to increase business value, types of debt, real estate leverage, financial covenants, site selection, first right of refusal and remodeling considerations.
  • Advanced Leadership and Management Excellence
    In this advanced leadership course tailored for executives leading large business operations, you will develop skills such as vision setting and execution, building a positive organizational culture, implementing performance metrics and monitoring systems that foster accountability, cultivating executive presence, developing communication strategies for various stakeholders, understanding crisis management principles, and designing frameworks for ethical decision-making in complex business scenarios.
  • Strategic Business Planning
    Learn the essential business infrastructure needed as the business expands while exploring realistic considerations and strategies, including elements such as HR and legal components, the dynamics of franchisor-driven strategies and initiatives, retaining autonomy while aligning with overall organizational goals, and developing risk mitigation strategies for franchise growth.
  • Contemporary Trends in Franchise Management
    Master effective change management and methods to stay ahead of current trends and the industry’s ever-evolving landscape. Topics include current legal issues affecting franchises, the transformative role of AI, digital marketing strategies, managing a changing workforce, and methods to stay informed bout economic and industry developments.

Upcoming Sessions

  • Program Starts: October 7, 2024
  • Class Size: 10-15
  • Program Registration Fee: $14,000*
    *Travel and lodging for 3-day the residential component is not included.

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Scholarship Opportunity

We believe in your vision. And with the Accelerating Growth Scholarship Fund, powered by Yum! Brands, we can help you achieve it.

A limited number of scholarships will be awarded for the Accelerating Enterprise Growth course. If you are selected for the scholarship, you will be awarded a waiver for the program registration fee, normally priced at $14,000*.

*Travel and lodging for the residential component are not included.

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