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When it comes to building skills and helping others grow their careers, Goodwill Industries of Kentucky understands the value of having the right people in your corner.在培养技能和帮助他人发展职业方面,肯塔基州的Goodwill Industries知道让合适的人陪在您角落的价值。 Building opportunities for others is at the heart of Goodwill's mission and is reflected in the work of their Chief Financial Officer, Mark Hohmann.为他人创造机会是商誉使命的核心,并反映在其首席财务官Mark Hohmann的工作中。

Mark earned his Master of Business Administration degree with a focus in entrepreneurship (IMBA16) at the University of Louisville.马克在路易斯维尔大学获得工商管理硕士学位,主修企业家精神(IMBA2014)。 Before joining Goodwill, the Boston native served as Chief Financial Officer of Spalding University as well as the Director of Finance and Operations at St. Francis High School.在加入Goodwill之前,这名波士顿本地人曾担任Spalding大学的首席财务官以及圣弗朗西斯高中的财务和运营总监。 He was named the XNUMX CFO of the Year by他被《金融时报》评为XNUMX年度首席财务官 路易斯维尔商业第一.

Tell us about your work at Goodwill.告诉我们您在Goodwill的工作。 What does it mean to you to be CFO for a nonprofit that helps provide people with inroads to employment and independence?成为非营利组织的CFO对您有什么帮助,该组织可以帮助人们获得就业和独立性?

I am responsible for driving agency-wide initiatives related to the strategic plan goals by leading the finance, facilities, information technology, and risk management teams.我负责领导财务,设施,信息技术和风险管理团队,以推动与战略计划目标相关的整个机构范围的计划。 My teams ensure financial audits are clean and financial reports to our board and other stakeholders are clear.我的团队确保财务审计工作整洁,并向董事会和其他利益相关者提供清晰的财务报告。

We are also responsible for utilizing software to solve business problems and training to ensure the safety of 1,500+ employees.我们还负责使用软件解决业务问题并进行培训,以确保80多名员工的安全。 Our facilities team acquires the land, builds new stores, and maintains all 300 facilities across a XNUMX-mile territory.我们的设施团队获得了土地,建立了新的商店,并在XNUMX英里的范围内维护了全部XNUMX处设施。 I get my “why” answered every time I attend a Goodwill graduation for a person who has hit upon hard times or is re-entering society from the criminal justice system.每当遇到困难或正在从刑事司法系统重返社会的人参加商誉毕业典礼时,我都会得到“为什么”的回答。 I believe that everyone deserves a second chance, particularly those among us who have made a mistake, served their time, and want to become an active member of our society.我认为,每个人都应该获得第二次机会,尤其是我们当中犯过错误,服务于自己的时间并希望成为社会积极成员的人。

今年早些时候,您得到了 业务第一 as one of the top financial leaders in the Louisville region.作为路易斯维尔地区的顶级财务领导人之一。 What does this award mean to you?该奖项对您意味着什么?

I am extremely grateful for this distinction, but I could not have done it without the patience, love, and support of my wife, Julie Hohmann.我非常感谢这种区分,但是如果没有我的妻子朱莉·霍曼的耐心,爱心和支持,我将无法做到。 She is also a UofL alum and 14-year employee of UofL REACH.她还是UofL的校友,也是UofL REACH的XNUMX年员工。 It also means I lead a great team and, in many cases, recognize or recruit talented individuals and promote them into the right positions at Goodwill.这也意味着我领导着一支出色的团队,在许多情况下,我会认可或招募有才能的人,并将他们提升为在Goodwill的正确职位。 I am grateful that Goodwill gets its profile raised, especially for key projects such as an opportunity campus in West Louisville.我很感激Goodwill的知名度,特别是对于重要项目,例如西路易斯维尔的机会校园。


I was part of the IMBA16 cohort at the College of Business, which had many talented individuals who have gone on to found and run successful businesses and advance their careers.我曾是商学院IMBAXNUMX小组的成员,该大学有许多才华横溢的人,他们后来创立并经营成功的企业并发展了事业。 In addition to learning how to quickly pull together a “pitch” and deliver it succinctly, and not go over time (Thank you, Professor Van Clouse).除了学习如何快速组合一个“音高”并简洁地传递它之外,不要浪费时间(谢谢范克劳斯教授)。 I truly loved being a part of every team.我真的很喜欢成为每个团队的一员。 I still keep in touch with my team,我仍然与我的团队保持联系, 五种力量。 I have benefitted from those close relationships and am more than happy to support anyone who I went to school with;这些亲密的关系使我受益匪浅,并且非常乐意支持与我一起上学的任何人; there is a special bond just going through the same cohort and traveling abroad together to Dubai and Istanbul!有一个特殊的纽带,就是要经过同一个队列,然后一起出国去迪拜和伊斯坦布尔!

You have been a guest speaker for our CAMP 100 class.您一直是我们CAMP XNUMX班的特邀演讲者。 Why do you give back to The College of Business?你为什么还给商学院?

I am a true believer that “the more you give the more you receive.”我坚信“您付出的越多,您得到的就越多。” I know I benefited from the different perspectives of the speakers in my leadership class.我知道我从领导班子的演讲者的不同角度中受益。 I have the benefit of being part of a large, professionally run nonprofit, and perhaps those experiences can help shape the career of new first-year students in the COB.我受益于成为一家大型的,由专业运营的非营利组织的一部分,也许这些经验可以帮助塑造COB新一年级学生的职业。 I also spend a great deal of my time listening and asking the students what they want to do and where they want to go.我还花费大量时间倾听和询问学生他们想做什么以及想去哪里。


You have already done some pretty amazing stuff, just persisting to graduation in the middle of a pandemic, the likes of which almost all of us have never seen.您已经做了一些非常了不起的工作,只是在大流行中坚持毕业,几乎我们所有人都从未见过这样的大流行。 I would like to share something a colleague of mine recently shared –我想分享一下我的一位同事最近分享的内容– 3分。 他们是 职务, 坚持专业.

  • 把自己放在 位置 to be successful.成功。 You have already taken a big step by attending UofL.参加UofL已经迈出了一大步。
  • 坚持毕业是一个艰巨的课程 坚持.
  • 留下来 所以专业 当您在工作场所经历时。

Also, stay in touch, even if it's once a year with your classmates!此外,即使与您的同学每年一次,也要保持联系! That experience is special, and there are likely a few friendships that will last you a lifetime.那种经历很特别,可能会有一些友谊可以持续一生。