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Career Fair Policies

The career fair is open to University of Louisville College of Business students and alumni. It is for all business majors* including undergraduates, graduates, and alumni who are seeking full-time positions, part-time positions, internships, and co-ops.
*Business majors include: Accounting (Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Accounting Certificate), Computer Information Systems, Economics, Equine Administration, Finance, Management, Marketing, Business Administration, MBA, and MSBA.

Important Dates & Deadlines


Day-of Career Fair Schedule

Company Registration and Set-up: Login to Cardinal Careers; Set up video/microphone for meetings; switch status to Online.
Tech support will be available at 8:30 a.m. via a link provided by email before the event.
Career Fair Opens: 9:00 a.m. Students may start signing up to join employers virtual queues in Cardinal Careers: 1-on-1 meetings begin as students sign up and employer is online.
Career Fair Closes: 12:00 p.m. Employers switch status to Offline


Before the Business Virtual Career Fair:
All representatives listed in your career fair registration will have access to Cardinal Careers to review resumes and connect via email with students who have RSVP’d to the event.

During the Business Virtual Career Fair:
This event will operate like a traditional career fair in that students will come to your “booth” by entering the Group Chat meeting, or by waiting in a virtual “queue” to speak one-on-one with a representative.

Only company members listed as Representatives in the registration form will be able to meet (virtually) with students in Group Chats or one-on-one chats and review resumes of RSVP’d students.

TIP: We recommend that each employer assigns one representative to staff the Group Chat option, along with one or more reps who will conduct one-on-one meetings with students. Some students may be more likely to visit Group Chats than to sign up for one-on-one meetings. By providing a Group Chat option, your company may be able to speak with more students. During Group Chat visits, be sure to encourage candidates to sign up for a spot on your company’s queue, as well!


The registration fee provides access to the Business Virtual Career Fair for an unlimited number of your company’s representatives. On the registration form, you will be asked for the number of representatives who will want to review resumes and/or attend the fair, and you’ll need to provide their contact information and the virtual meeting instructions that will be displayed to students (typically, a virtual meeting link, telephone information, or any other way your representatives will be meeting with students). If you don’t have this information at the time of registration, you may return to complete it any time before the career fair.


The Ulmer Career Center reviews company registrations for appropriateness of opportunities for College of Business students and alumni, and reserves the right to deny registration at its discretion.

Colleges and universities other than the University of Louisville are not permitted to participate in College of Business Career Fairs. This event is to facilitate connections between our students/alumni and employers, so we encourage schools to participate in other university events focused on students who are considering graduate education.

Please note: network marketing companies (MLMs) are not eligible to participate in Business Career Fairs, on-campus interviewing, resume referrals, employer presentations, or sponsorships for campus activities. A network marketing company is one that engages in the following practices:

  • Sponsors individuals to set up their own businesses for the purpose of selling products or services and recruiting other individuals to set up their own businesses;
  • Requires an initial investment (payment of a fixed fee, payment to attend an orientation or training session, or purchase a starter kit) from an individual, with the organization itself serving as an umbrella or parent corporation;
  • Offers compensation in the form of straight commission on the individual’s own sales revenue, as well as on the sales revenue of the sales force recruited by the individual and his or her recruits (a/k/a “downline”)

Employer Book Information

There will be no printed book of employers for career-fair attendees because this career fair will be entirely virtual via Cardinal Careers. When students RSVP in Cardinal Careers, they will be able to review all companies with a confirmed registration on file; they’ll be able to see the positions companies are recruiting for, an “About/Company Profile”, website information, etc. Information in this section of the event platform comes directly from your company’s career fair registration form.

Please include on your registration form all positions you will be recruiting for at the time of the career fair to ensure that students have access to accurate information.

Job Postings

Companies can choose to post jobs directly through the Career Fair section in Cardinal Careers during initial registration. Students may submit resumes for these positions prior to the fair, and representatives may contact students prior to the fair to invite them to join their company queue on the day of the fair.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How is this event advertised to students/alumni?
    The Ulmer Career Center advertises Business Career Fairs by electronic announcements in classes, e-mail blasts, announcements made at student club meetings or by faculty during class, TVs throughout the College of Business, announcements on Cardinal Careers (Symplicity), the College of Business website, and through the Ulmer Career Center’s social media sites, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. The event is also listed on the University of Louisville’s website.
  2. How many companies typically participate in this event?
    Company participation is generally between 60 – 80 employers.
  3. How many students/alumni typically attend this event?
    Typically, 350-400 business students (undergraduate and graduate) and alumni attend the College of Business Career Fairs. The College of Business has 2,000 undergraduate students, including accounting certificate students, and 400 Master’s-degree students.
    FYI, 312 students/alumni signed into employers’ queues at the Fall 2020 Business Virtual Career Fair.
  4. What majors are represented at this event?
    The Business Virtual Career Fair is focused on the following business majors and degrees : Accounting (Bachelor’s, Certificate, and Master’s), Computer Information Systems, Economics, Equine Administration, Finance, Management, Marketing, MAC, MBA, and MSBA (MS in Business Analytics). Though this event is intended for business students and alumni, it is open to all UofL students. Please keep this in mind if you should see a variety of dress styles at this event.
  5. Does the University of Louisville offer a career fair for other majors?
    Yes. Please contact the University Career Center at 502-852-6701 or the Speed School of Engineering Career Development Center at 502-852-3196 to recruit non-business students.