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Multicultural Marketing

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Multicultural Marketing

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In an increasingly diverse world, it is becoming more important to recognize and respect others’ cultural backgrounds. Growing numbers of consumers are more likely than ever to purchase brands that do so, making multi-cultural marketing an important tool to be successful in the current and future marketplace. Brands in today’s marketplace therefore need to adopt a multi-cultural view by developing marketing strategies that incorporate critical insights into unique cultural differences that drive consumer decision making.

To prepare students to make a positive difference in this environment, the Marketing Department and Doe-Anderson, a Louisville-based ad agency, worked with UofL Marketing students to co-create a specialized Multi-Cultural Marketing curriculum. This curriculum – available as a track for Marketing majors and as a Minor for all other students on campus – offers UofL students a unique and highly valuable educational experience that will be vital to becoming effective marketers and leaders in the future.

Multicultural Marketing Track
or Minor

Use electives to specialize your major or add a minor

As part of this curriculum, students will learn the mindsets and skillsets needed to gain insights into the diverse cultural identities across consumers that are necessary in developing effective marketing strategies. Students will also gain practical experience on marketing teams that reflect the diversity of the consumers and communities they serve by working on actual marketing projects for leading companies.

Students will benefit through:

  • Internship and permanent employment opportunities
  • One-on-one mentorship and professional networking events
  • “Real-world” projects that offer practical experience in Multi-Cultural Marketing
  • Cross-disciplinary coursework in Multi-Cultural Marketing open to all UofL students
  • Experts in Multi-Cultural Marketing as course instructors and guest speakers
  • Community engagement activities

Partner companies will benefit through:

  • Access to diverse marketing talent for internships and permanent employment
  • Demonstrating your company’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Opportunity for project work from student groups and/or interns
  • Helping shape and support curricula that develop future skills your marketing team needs
  • Opportunities to share company/individual expertise with future marketers
  • Internship and permanent employment opportunities