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TikTok, Personal Branding, VR Marketing

Marketing 290

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Emerging Topics
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  • Open to all UofL students
  • No prerequisites to enroll
  • 5 weeks each
  • 1 credit hour each
  • On campus


MKT290, 1 Credit Hour, On Campus
Tues.: 5:30-8:15 p.m
1/10-2/7, 2/14-3/21, 3/28-4/28

Instructor: JT Murphy
To market your brand or product effectively on TikTok is vital. In this course, students will learn the why and how behind specific brand’s TikTok campaigns, how to create a TikTok marketing campaign from inception to execution, and the skills needed to create engaging TikTok content.

Personal Branding

MKT290, 1 Credit Hour, On Campus
Tues./Thurs: 2:30-3:45 p.m.
1/10-2/7, 2/9-3/9, 3/21-4/18

Instructor: Henrietta Pepper
Learn how to build and leverage an authentic personal brand. Five modules of content ranging from Identifying Your Unique Attributes to Differentiating and Owning Your Personal Story.

VR Marketing

MKT290, 1 Credit Hour, On Campus
Wed.: 5:30-8:15 p.m
1/11-2/8, 2/15-3/22, 3/29-4/29

Instructor: Shannon Putnam
Start utilizing the Metaverse! Learn tomorrow’s in-demand skills today. Join a top XR expert and a community of future-forward peers and passionate industry insiders. During this course, you will learn the technical components of the 3D world and how it works. You will design and create your virtual market campaign–an innovative project that you can instantly put into practice. You will be given access to previously unavailable partnerships by working directly with local and national business partners. No matter your area of interest, this class is for you.

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