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College of Business Interns

Close the talent gap

The College of Business understands workforce challenges are at an all-time high. Whether you are looking for undergraduate or graduate-level support, we are ready to be a partner in staffing solutions—without adding risk to your return on investment.

More than ever, you need employees ready to support your company from day one.



Three pillars of success

One singular talent profile

Motivated: Unlike hiring employees off the street in the open market, these interns have already passed the University’s admissions process. Opting in and being accepted into these advanced areas of study indicates our students’ high aptitude and interest. They make motivated employees hungry to learn and grow.

Skilled: Regardless of level, College of Business interns are highly vetted; trained in the latest best practices, techniques, soft skills, and tools. Our students are supported by the University allowing them to achieve at a higher level. These interns enable many companies to reduce the risk and effort in their hiring processes. Plus, companies build their workforce pipeline for the future.

Proven: UofL’s graduate-student interns have been so productive that more than 97% are offered permanent positions after graduation. A 72% increase in undergraduate postings means our partners understand the value of the internship program.

Graduate Internship


Our graduate interns make talented, motivated employees—eager to demonstrate their skill set to secure their own professional future.

  • Full-time MBA, MSBA, or MAC+ students
  • Interns are matched to fit your business
  • 11-13 month internship length
  • Candidates are remote work-ready
  • 25-30 hours a week
  • Suggested compensation: $18-30 per hour

Undergrad Internship/Co-op


The College of Business co-op/internship program provides students the opportunity to build upon, apply, and assess concepts that are developed through the curriculum and to further the student’s professional growth through a meaningful “real-world” job experience.

  • Academic credit-eligible
  • 75 hours per credit hour
  • Flexible start dates (fall/spring/summer semester)
  • Students are ready to hone skills in a professional work environment
  • 75% of responsibilities directly related to the major or minor