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Successful grant writing is an art and a science. Learn both.


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State Your Case—Make the Ask

Grant writing is a lucrative and in-demand talent. Successful grants involve planning, searching for data and resources, developing and submitting a proposal to a funder, often managing multiple projects at once. Learn the common pitfalls to avoid and the best practices that will set your grant application apart from the rest.

According to, skilled grant writers can make upwards of $50 per hour/$68,000 annually. Our grant writing program will give you the tools and resources to make you a valuable asset to your organization or as a freelance agent.


Session Details

In Person Classes

From abstract to ask, our comprehensive Grant Writing program will give you the tools to help an organization land the funding needed to support its mission.

  • Discover the funding sources available to organizations and how to access them
  • Explore the entire grant writing process, step by step
  • Develop research skills essential to supporting your case through data
  • Bring clarity to your language
  • Add concision and detail-rich responses to your grant narrative
  • Learn to monitor, organize, and manage multiple projects

July 12-14, 2022, Founders Union, Rm 136B


A grant writing program with UofL Executive Education means you can be confident in receiving the professionalization you need with the rigor and excellence you expect from the University of Louisville’s College of Business.

  • Learn strategies to articulate your need and deploy requested funds
  • Conceive, articulate, and execute a prompt path to action
  • Engage and expand your professional resource/funders network
  • Build your professional portfolio