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Hire high-quality graduate interns to expand your HR possibilities and open profitable options. Select talent unbound by location and gain a great ROI regardless of where you’re headquartered.

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Company benefits

Bottom line advantage

Hire graduate interns from the MS in Business Analytics program from the University of Louisville and get dedicated, intelligent, employees eager to succeed from a program committed to supporting student success. Companies employ our interns throughout most of their degree program—allowing them to grow with the company as they apply their classroom knowledge in R, Python, SAS, SQL, and Tableau to solve critical data analytics problems.

Mold your interns’ skills to fit your company needs, with potentially lower pay scale and risk than hiring a new permanent employee.  

  • Student resumes are screened by our career center to ensure your prospective intern choices fit your pre-defined goals
  • The cost of living in Louisville is one of the lowest in the country, making internship salaries affordable and giving your hiring budget extra power
  • At the end of the 11-month internship, you decide if the student fits your needs and whether to hire them permanently
  • Our students are highly motivated to perform while learning the latest data handling techniques
  • Fresh interns with the latest technical acumen can be trained to match specific company goals instead of hiring employees with preconceived expectations or outmoded data processes  

Interns are College Supported

A Process for successful outcomes

Our students are prepared for success in their internship by a career support staff and defined processes that demand accountability.

  • Competitive admissions standards mean high-quality students, motivated to succeed and eager to learn
  • Resume and interview preparation build rapport between our students and career coaches—a connection which lasts throughout the program.
  • Highly-involved faculty and staff create a support system for our students  
  • Internships require performance evaluations from the company and faculty for course credit


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