CAPS Program

At the College of Business, we recognize how critical coaching, mentoring, and adequate support services are for at-risk and first-generation college students. The following initiative, CAPS, outlines our plans to support and amplify our ability to improve student graduation and post-graduation success rates.

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Program Outcomes

Through our CAPS Program, we aim to:

  • Increase our six-year graduation rate from 69% to 82.5%
  • Improve first to second-year retention
  • Increase access to teaching and learning resources for students and faculty
  • Improve connections with local, regional, and national corporate partners
  • Increase opportunities for mentoring with alumni and other professionals
  • Reduce financial barriers to degree completion through scholarship and emergency aid


About the Program

The mission of the University of Louisville is to educate and serve our community through teaching a diverse array of people to develop engaged citizens, to practice and apply research, and engage in service that seeks to improve the quality of life locally and globally.

The students in the College of Business at the University of Louisville are the future workforce for the City of Louisville, the Kentuckiana region, and beyond. The concepts, knowledge, skills, and social capital that they develop during their time as students will set their trajectory for the rest of their lives.

These experiences will serve to enhance our students’ ability to become better citizens, better leaders, and better business professionals. More importantly, we can give students the tools that they need to improve the lives of their families, breaking through systemic disadvantages to build thriving communities.


Research shows that students who connect with someone — a professor, a peer, or a professional— in their first month on campus are markedly more likely to persist and achieve a degree. We are augmenting mentoring programs, improving student organizations, and creating networking events to ensure that all our students connect and find support early in their studies.


In the College of Business, we are developing a holistic program to gather better data to identify at-risk students early. The intervention will improve student outcomes.


The University of Louisville is an amazing school and offers a great experience for our students. We are investing in fostering a sense of pride in being a Cardinal and a College of Business student.


We are creating a strong support network of tutoring services, scholarships, and emergency grants to ensure that students have access to individualized academic support as well as small, but crucial grants ensuring they do not need to suspend their studies to pay their bills.