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Graduate Certificate in
Business of Healthcare

Graduate Certificate in Business of Healthcare

Business acumen for healthcare decision-makers

The online Graduate Certificate in Business of Healthcare is designed for both business professionals and practicing clinicians to gain the business skills and healthcare experience necessary to take on leadership roles within healthcare systems, private practices, and more.

After completing this certificate, learners will know how to apply business skills such as budgeting, finance, strategy, operations, negotiation, and management in healthcare settings. They will also learn about healthcare systems and population health, healthcare economics, and planning for healthcare initiatives.


  • Gain necessary business experience without the time commitment of a full MBA—ideal for those practicing medicine, already working in healthcare, or wanting to enter the healthcare industry
  • Learn how to bridge the relationship between business and medicine
  • Implement practices that will demonstrate quality improvement of healthcare operations
  • Utilize your business experience to dive into the healthcare field
  • Enjoy the benefits of online education, like studying, attending class, and completing work on your own time and schedule, all from the comfort of home
  • Save time and money you would need to spend on a full-time graduate degree
  • Prepare to start your own practice or to qualify for that next big promotion within the hospital
  • Complete this degree and satisfy 20% of your online MBA requirements if you also pursue that program