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Bring innovation to your company

Bring Your Team of Innovation Leaders
$6000 per company

Our four-day workshop will align your team to a guided process for innovation based on the Theory of Constraints. This presentation is an in-depth and practical overview of the principles that have guided companies for amazing innovation. Rami Goldratt will take you through the steps of product and customer evaluation, focused value-adding, building a business model, and how to plan for execution.

May 25–May 26, and June 22–June 23
8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Shelby Campus
450 N Whittington Pkwy



During the workshop, you’ll work with your team to:

  • Develop your next powerful value proposition for your customers
  • Construct the processes that convert your idea into a successful business
  • Align all stakeholders to support it


  • 4 days (2 sessions of 2 days each)


  • Bring your team of innovation leaders

What you’ll leave with:

  • Identification of customers’ key value propositions
  • Breakthrough concept design and evaluation through the customer’s eyes, the market’s eyes, and the product’s eyes
  • Business model design
  • Implementation and execution plan that assesses gaps and manages project gates


  • Rami Goldratt, world-renowned Theory Of Constraints (TOC) expert

Who should attend?

For companies wanting high-performing teams that understand the processes for innovation.

The TOC Innovation process applies across all consumer product and service industries, including but not limited to engineering, manufacturing, retail, IT, finance, logistics, and healthcare. If your goal is to provide exceptional value for your customers and grow your business, this is the keynote for you.

This workshop is for organizations interested in:

  • Improving your value proposition while increasing profit and market share
  • Reducing risk and improving the results of idea building within your organization
  • Building teams with customer-focused out-of-the-box thinking
  • Aligning all needed stakeholders to support innovation for successful outcomes

“We came to Rami Goldratt’s innovation workshop to learn to teach people to think differently. Our company is highly process focused. We wanted to learn how to apply the process to innovation and as a 30-year-old company, we need to innovate to thrive and survive.

I’d encourage you to bring not just your leaders but a cross-section of your teammates to this workshop and forever change the way people think for the better.

We spent four days with a team of eight of our teammates. And over those four days, we achieved more cohesive proactive engagement … than if we’d spent over a month in our own office.”

 Todd Smith, CEO, FormWood Industries


Rami Goldratt currently serves as CEO of Goldratt Group, the leading organization in Theory Of Constraints (TOC) implementations. Over the years, Rami has been involved in consulting engagements with manufacturers, engineering, retail, automotive, textile, chemical, and service industries all around the world. Rami is highly regarded for developing TOC applications for sales and marketing. His groundbreaking implementations in this area have become the standard of TOC in sales.

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