WORKSHOP: October 16, 2019

Managing Change in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

AI is already dramatically altering the landscape for business and marketplace strategy. Gain the insights you need to understand the speed, scope, and scale which AI impacts your bottom line.


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Key Strategies

For Informed Leaders

Most executives underestimate the widespread impact that AI has on their business — how algorithms learn, make decisions, and track behavior with tremendous sophistication, often in real-time. AI is not future tech; it’s a powerful tool wielded by successful companies to transform their marketplace at an exponential rate. Any business, regardless of size or specialization, can integrate AI and benefit from its multi-faceted applications.

How can you compete?  Are you prepared? Understanding the implications of AI for your business is critical — from its role in automation and fraud detection to predictive analyses to improving customer experiences. In this workshop, you will assess your readiness for AI adoption and learn how to integrate AI into your current business strategies. Evaluate the obstacles, risks, and rewards AI integration brings.

Managing Change in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
Leading your organization with a future-forward digital strategy 

October 16, 2019
8:30 am-Noon
(8:00 am networking and breakfast)

ShelbyHurst Campus
Founders Union Building
Room 218
Louisville, KY 40223

Cost: $450
(Cost includes 1 full paid registration and a complimentary ticket for a guest.)


Topics to be covered


  • A brief history of AI & Digital Transformation
  • Defining AI Mega-trends: Machine, Platform, Crowd
  • Impact of New tech on job growth
  • AI and education …and more!

You'll walk away ready

informed and competitive

Our workshop covers the strategic implications and provides you with the knowledge to prepare your organization to remain competitive in this new landscape. Hear case studies of other organizations who successfully planned for the uncertainty of AI and how they embraced it, used it for competitive growth and safeguarded against its threats.

  • Enhance your understanding of artificial intelligence
  • Identify AI opportunities that create strategic advantages for your company
  • Learn ways to lead your organization through the digital transformation with AI
  • Identify general trends that will help you plan for and leverage technology in your future
  • Complete an AI readiness assessment




Who Should Attend?

This workshop is essential for business leaders, managers, and executives looking to gain and maintain their competitive advantage as they successfully integrate AI and technological advances into their business strategy. Be prepared and stay relevant with workshop insights presented to assist decision makers with embracing AI adoption at scale.



Walk away with an AI knowledge base which will allow you to confidently build strategies best suited for integrating data analysis, programming, and automation into your current business model. Turn this industry disruptor into a true business opportunity.

Jeff Guan, PhD

About the Presenter

Dr. Jian (Jeff) Guan headshot image

Jeff Guan, PhD

Associate Professor of Computer Information Systems, University of Louisville College of Business

Dr. Guan teaches database in the CIS undergraduate program and database and data mining in the MBA program. Guan’s main research interests and publications are in the areas of business analytics and data mining. He is the program director for the Master of Science in Business Analytics program.