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Staff Development Online Application


Deadline to turn in application: June 28, 2019
For Travel Completed by May 29, 2020

Funds are not available to pay tuition for course academic credit, books for an academic credit course, trips that are a component of an academic degree program, etc. A staff member may not apply for staff development funds during Provisional Period (first six months of employment in the College of Business). One $2500 award per staff member. If any monies are leftover, it is possible that additional partial or full awards might be given. ***Applications will be accepted after deadline depending on available funds. Please spell out complete conference, seminar or training title including acronyms. Also, please include link to conference website as well as attach a hard copy of the conference information, i.e.,registration, dates, etc. If this information is not available at the time of applying for the conference, include link and/or hard copy to the conference information from previous year.

NOTE: Copy of application will be emailed to you and to your supervisor when you click SUBMIT. 

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