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Annual Fund

The College of Business Dean’s Fund is our most versatile resource to support integral programs, giving students every possible advantage. Gifts to the College of Business Dean’s Fund help us attract and retain outstanding faculty, provide scholarships and unique learning opportunities for our students and supplement day-to-day operating expenses while providing consistent funds for future planning.

  • Over 60% of UofL’s funding comes from private donations
  • All gifts are 100% deductible
  • Maximize your gift through the Matching Gift Program (participating companies only)


$1000 Supports the COB Student Ambassadors program for the entire year
$5,000Sends ten advisors to annual training and professional development activities
$2,500Supports two student community building events
$2,500 Provides for two semesters of in house REACH tutoring for students
$1,000 Provides the TILE community transportation to and from corporate engagement opportunities
$500 Provides 100 honor cords for graduating seniors
$250 Supports on student/professor networking event
$100 Provides a strengths assessment for two incoming freshman
$50Provides for one volunteer tutor background check
$25Provides 250 Scantron sheets for students

Help us continue to build towards a sustainable educational future for our best and brightest.

Invest in student success by giving to the College of Business
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