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Global MBA Curriculum

From pre-semester work in Louisville to a summer rotation in Germany, to courses at Heilbronn University (HNN), to experiential learning in China, the Global MBA offers a challenging and dynamic business experience like no other.


Topics by Locations*

Operations: Design and Analysis(Taught in Germany)
Contemporary Financial Management(Taught in Germany)
Marketing Management(Taught in Germany)
Global Business(Taught in Germany)
Strategic Management(Taught in Germany)
Design Thinking and Management of Innovation II & III(Taught in Germany)
Management Fundamentals(Taught in Germany)
Family Business(Taught in Germany)
Research study: Hidden Champions(Taught in Germany)
Doing Business in China(Taught in Germany)
Lean LaunchPad I(Taught in USA)
Venture Strategic Analysis(Taught in USA)
Lean LaunchPad II(Taught in USA)
Venture Finance(Taught in USA)
Organizational Behavior(Taught in USA)
Economics I & II(Taught in USA)
Financial Accounting(Taught in USA)
Managerial Accounting I & II(Taught in USA)
Leadership and Ethics(Taught in USA)
Big Data and Data Analytics for Managers I(Taught in USA)
Digital Disruption in Modern Media(Taught in USA)
Design Thinking and Management of Innovation I(Taught in USA)
Big Data and Data Analytics for Managers II(Taught in USA)

HNN-only topics taught in Germany

*This topic list is subject to change. Please visit the academic catalog for current course and degree requirements.

Credit Breakdown:

UofL MBA: 24 credit hours (based in Louisville) | 21 credit hours (based in Germany)

HHN MSc: 9 credit hours

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