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Entrepreneurship PhD Faculty

External Faculty and Distinguished Lecturers

Our external faculty and distinguished lecturers come from universities around the world to teach in their particular areas of expertise.  These renowned scholars were invited to teach in the program precisely because of their outstanding scholarship in the area in which they teach. However, teaching is not their only contribution to our program.  Students may continue to carry on their professional relationships with external faculty to the extent that they share common research interests.  In addition, external faculty may also serve on dissertation committees. Courses taught by our external faculty are generally intensively taught during a one week time period. Courses taught by UofL faculty are generally taught as regular semester-long classes.

The following are faculty from other universities who have recently participated in our program.  Click on the name for more information.

  • Howard Aldrich (University of North Carolina) –  The Sociological Foundations of Entrepreneurship
  • Per Davidsson (Queensland University of Technology) – Issues and Developments in the Quantitative Approach to Entrepreneurship Research
  • Simon Parker (University of Western Ontario) – The Economics of Entrepreneurship
  • Dean Shepherd (Indiana University) – The Psychology of Entrepreneurship
  • Scott Shane (Case Western Reserve) – Current Topics in Entrepreneurship Research
  • Jim Chrisman (Mississippi State) – Family Business
  • G. Thomas Lumpkin (University of Oklahoma) – Social Entrepreneurship

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