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Entrepreneurship PhD Admissions and Tuition

Qualifications for Admissions

Curriculum and Admissions

An undergraduate degree is required. An MBA degree or similar degree is strongly preferred. A student who does not have a master’s degree in business may be required to complete a set of courses equivalent to the core of classes covered in an MBA program.

We typically admit 5 students every other year. A new cohort of students will begin their studies in August 2020.

Characteristics of Applicants

In our view, an understanding of entrepreneurship requires an understanding of all the major facets of business, and this is typically satisfied with an MBA degree.

  • A GMAT score is required that is no more than two years old from the date of application.
  • There is no minimum grade point average. The institutions you attended, your major(s) and minor(s), and your GPA are all factors we consider. Applicants with credentials from foreign universities must submit them for evaluation to one of the following services, which will issue a report that will become part of the applicant’s application.
  • World Education Services
  • Education credentials Evaluator
  • Applicants with a degree from a non-english speaking university or those for whom english is not their native language must submit a TOEL score.
  • Letters of recommendation describing applicant characteristics.
  • Prior work experience.  No prior work experience is necessary for admission. Nonetheless, if you have prior work experience, we will consider it when making admission decisions.
  • An interview (either in person or via skype).
  • A personal statement that explains why the applicant is interested in pursuing a PhD and that provides other relevant information for us to make a decision.

No prior work experience is necessary for admission. Nonetheless, if you have prior work experience, we will consider it when making admission decisions.

How to apply

Outstanding students who apply by January 10th will be considered for the University Fellowship Program. When appropriate, we admit students on a rolling basis beginning January 15th. We have, in the past, admitted exceptional students after April 1st if space permitted.

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Program cost

All students receive a full tuition waiver for four full academic years as long as they are making progress towards their degree. In special cases, fifth-year funding may be available. Students work as graduate assistants in order to receive the stipend. The current stipend is $21,000 per year until a student enters candidacy, and $22,000 after a student is in candidacy. Students are not allowed to work outside of their research or teaching assistantship while they are PhD students. Students enter candidacy after successfully completing all required coursework, passing the qualifying examination, and successfully writing and presenting a required second-year paper. Typically, students enter candidacy after two full years in the program.

Learn more about financial support for graduate students.

Funding opportunities

International students

English proficiency is essential to success in UofL’s entrepreneurship doctoral program. International students for whom English is not their primary language must show English language proficiency by  (1) taking the TOEFL test and scoring a paper-based TOEFL score of 550, a computer-based TOEFL score of 213, or an internet-based TOEFL score of 79, or (2) by successfully completing the exit examination for the advanced level of Intensive English as a Second Language Program at the University of Louisville and (3) by interviewing with the admissions committee conducted either in person or by Skype

Applicants should contact the Program Director, Dr. James O. Fiet, at (502) 645-2536, if they have questions about the curriculum requirements.

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