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One-Day Programs

Strengthen Your Training—and Supplement Your Team

UofL Professional Development is teaming up with the College of Business as part of a newly formed Corporate and Executive Education unit.

This partnership enables us to improve all of our existing programs and ensures we deliver the highest-quality.

We are committed to delivering all currently scheduled one-day seminars through December 2019.

Through December, 2019 we are offering one-day seminars in:

  1. Management & Leadership Principles
  2. Coaching & Motivational Impact
  3. Critical Thinking Empowerment
  4. Organization & Productivity Enhancement
  5. Formal & Interactive Communication

2019 Seminar Schedule

Although one-day seminars will no longer be offered after December of 2019, we will be adding expanded programing through professional certificates and including new resources to help you improve your skills

Get more value with a certificate program

The huge impact certificate programs offer, over single-day seminars, are more than just skills development, they give you tangible credentials for use on your resumé or for workplace advancement.

We can help you choose the right program to meet your goals.

Stay Notified of Upcoming Classes

Interested to learn about our other programs? Check out our other Seminars. Or sign up and we will keep you informed about future educational offerings.

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Corporate and Executive Education

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Corporate and Executive Education

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