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Front-Line Leader Certificate

The name says it all

In many ways, front-line leaders are the day-to-day point of contact for organizational operations. They are the doers, the first level managers who directly impact and influence team contributors. Their challenges are real, persistent, and significant.

Front-line leaders:

  • build their team up while holding them accountable;
  • adapt to changes in real-time;
  • are problem-solvers;
  • are the flexing point where mission and vision connect to function and outcome;
  • are the backbone of your business.

This program is designed specifically for:

  • Working managers
  • Team leads
  • First-line supervisors operating where leadership meets workflow

Because hands-on learning gets great results, the learning experiences are high-energy and very practical.  Participants learn from each other while exploring new ideas and practicing the essential tools to be successful in their challenging environments.  They experience the process of becoming a great leader as they engage with the learning activities.

Perfect for team leads, emerging leaders, and supervisors; this certificate builds the skills needed to excel in an ever-evolving workplace. Create a sustainable line of leadership.

The University of Louisville Exec Ed Front-Line Leader Certificate is awarded upon successful completion of all program requirements:

  • Workshop series (six days)
  • Learning checks
  • On-the-job application assignments
  • Active simulations
  • Personalized portfolio of leadership solutions

A series of six (6) workshops will be delivered to participants bi-weekly beginning March 2020. A closing session will bring program participants and their leaders together to round out the program and celebrate success.

All program sessions will be held on the University of Louisville’s Shelby Campus unless otherwise communicated.

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Certificate Fee

(Lunch, refreshments, and program materials will be provided.)
$2,250 per person for registrations of two people or more.

Course Overview

Week 1: Gaining Insight into Self and Others Great leadership starts within.  Self-awareness is the essential first element of successful front-line leaders.  This workshop will help you identify and adjust your behavioral style to meet the needs of employees and work situations.  As a result, you’ll be better able to influence others, reduce unnecessary conflict, and build rapport among your work team.  The DISC assessment will provide the insights and tools for this interactive, practical workshop.

Week 2: Problem Solving and Innovation for Impact Solving problems is a career-survival skill that all front-line leaders must master.  Participants learn and apply problem-solving and innovation tools to their real work problems in this high-energy session. 

Week 3: Flexible Leadership Great front-line leaders know that one leadership style will not meet all the needs of their contributors.  Through assessments and observations, participants will identify their preferred leadership styles and learn to flex to the needs of followers and the context.  The situational leadership model forms the foundation of this session

Week 4: Managing Conflict and Difficult Conversations Conflicts and the need for difficult conversations happen often; successful organizations use this energy in a positive way to harness differences and resolve unproductive issues. This interactive workshop provides the tools to understand and manage differences in the workplace, improve communication, and create a positive and productive workplace environment.  Participants practice techniques with real scenarios to build skills in the classroom

Week 5: Goal Setting, Planning and Organizing Working without a properly defined goal is like shooting a basketball without knowing where the hoop is. Participants learn how to set meaningful, achievable goals and effectively plan out the path to accomplish them.  Practice with setting performance indicators (measures) and organizing the work provides practical tools for real work impact.

Week 6: Communicating for Greatness: The Art of Feedback and Leadership One of the most important person-to-person communication skills is the ability to give and receive feedback effectively. It is also one of the most challenging. This final session also includes leadership portfolio sharing and reflections as well as a graduation ceremony.

Key Takeaways

Experiences and activities bring a unique twist to learning in this program.

  1. Learning checks help participants ensure that they have mastered the content so they’re ready to use it when they return to work.
  2. “Try-It” assignments provide encouragement and support to take action between sessions to use the learning at work.
  3. Active simulations throughout the series provide a non-threatening environment to practice new skills and receive constructive feedback in real-time.  This helps lock in learning while building skills and experience.
  4. A personalized portfolio of leadership solutions provides the structure to help participants establish their own collection of tools in a format that’s easy access, either online or in hand.

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