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RevIt 2021 Application Deadline: January 17, 2021
Acceptance Notification: January 22, 2021
RevIt Session 1: Tuesday, February 16, 9-11 am (link to be provided)
RevIt Session 2: Tuesday, March 2, 9-11 am (link to be provided)

The RevIt 2021 program will be virtual

Accelerating Customer Growth

As an entrepreneur, you have deep knowledge and domain expertise when it comes to your technology or solution but may struggle with the best strategy for marketing to your customers. Knowing who your target market is and the best way to reach them is critical to your company’s success.

The Forcht Center for Entrepreneurship brings you RevIt–Accelerating Customer Growth, an opportunity for founders of early-stage companies to meet with a team of marketing experts who will help the founders refine and hone their marketing strategies ensuring long-term growth, at no cost to the company! The experts analyze the entrepreneur’s current plans and adjust the company’s strategies to optimize their opportunity, scalability, and customer reach.

Who Can Apply:

Early stage companies that:

  • have some customer traction and revenue
  • have a public website
  • have online and digital analytics
  • are able to state clearly their biggest marketing pain
  • have founder(s) who are coachable
  • are located in the Louisville region or in the state of Kentucky

From the completed applications received, 3-5 companies will be selected to participate.

What You Receive:

The RevIt marketing volunteers represent an array of expertise in branding, strategy, eCommerce, social media, and creative services with experience in a variety of industry sectors.  The engagement between the founding entrepreneur(s) and the volunteer marketing team is in the form of two  2 hour in-depth sessions.  The marketing team will have reviewed the entrepreneur’s application package prior to the meeting. They will have assessed the entrepreneur’s written marketing strategy, online presence, social media following, data analytics, and the stated marketing pain. The team will then provide customized strategies to improve the company’s market visibility and customer access.

How You’ll Benefit:

Selected entrepreneurs will receive customized strategies to improve their market visibility and customer access at no cost. The selected companies will be encouraged to implement the suggested strategies and will complete a survey assessing the value of the program subsequent to their six-month growth.

Entrepreneur Application

RevIt needs experts – like you!

Are you interested in serving as a marketing expert? We are looking for volunteers to provide RevIt teams with targeted advice to increase their customer acquisition and growth.

RevIt Expert Application
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