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Teach: Forgiveness Tools

The tools on this page can be used to teach forgiveness.

Request tools created by the Project on Positive Leadership
• Tell our community about how you use these tools and ask other users for advice on our LinkedIn groups page
• If you have tools you like to use and are willing to share them with us, let us know

Transforming Relationships

Free tool available upon request from the Project on Positive Leadership.

  • Author:  Salar Mesdaghinia, Associate Professor, College of Business, Eastern Michigan University
  • Date:  2022
  • Pages:  4
  • Summary: Professional relationships influence both how well we perform and how enjoyable and successful our work experiences are. People often give relationships as the reason why they leave jobs and also as an impediment to their ability to be productive. Unfortunately, many work relationships are not positive ones. This assignment aims to practice—and learn from—how to change relationships. Although it is a word that is not commonly used in the workplace, transforming relationships from negative to positive involves forgiveness.

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