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Teach: Moral Insight Tools

The following tools are some of our favorites for teaching moral insight.

  • Please tell our community about how you use these tools and ask others for advice about how they use the tools on our LinkedIn groups page.
  • If you have tools that you like to use when overviewing leadership, and you are willing to share them with us, please let us know by sending a message to

Free tool available upon request from the Project on Positive Leadership.

Instructional Tool Showcase

  • YouTube video
    • Price: Free
    • By Ryan Quinn
    • Date of Posting: February 24, 2022
  • Summary: Dr. Ryan Quinn, Academic Director, gives an overview of the Project’s suite of instructional tools including a deep dive into moral insight and a demonstration of our new Leadership Amplifier smartphone application.

Leadership Amplifier

  • Smartphone application (iOS and Android)
    • Price: A trial community is free. A full-serve community requires a subscription fee, depending on the size of the community and how the subscription is paid.
    • University of Louisville College of Business
    • Copyright 2020
  • Summary: This app enables an instructor to put users into communities where they can support each other in practicing and amplifying their leadership impact. Users select events, make plans to practice, acquire moral insight, seek feedback, update plans, and report on their leadership attempts. A more detailed description of how to use Leadership Amplifier for teaching can be found at:

Moral Insight Teaching Note

  • Classroom discussion and activity with slides
    • Price: Free
    • By Ryan Quinn
    • University of Louisville
    • Date of Publication: 2020
  • Summary: This session is most useful in the beginning of the course or module on positive leadership. Once students know what positive leadership is, and why it matters, it is important for them to understand why and how they should seek moral insight as a necessary pre-condition to exhibiting positive leadership.