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Teach: Patience Tools

The tools on this page can be adapted to teach patience, calmness, poise, self-control, or tolerance.
• If you would like to request those tools which were created by the Project on Positive Leadership, please click here.
• Please tell our community about how you use these tools and ask people for advice about how they use the tools on our LinkedIn groups page.
• If you have tools that you like to use when teaching patience, and you are willing to share them with us, please let us know by sending a message to

Restlessness, Patience, and Inactivity Stories

Free tool available upon request from the Project on Positive Leadership.

• Author: Ryan Quinn
• Date: 2020
• Series: Virtues and Vices
• Pages: 6
Summary: This is one of the tools that makes up the Project on Positive Leadership’s “Virtues and Vices” series of instructional tools. It contains four stories of patience, restlessness, or inactivity. A tool with multiple stories enables students to examine what is required to exhibit ideal patience across different settings, and to account for the differing perspectives of multiple stakeholders. Each story includes carefully-crafted reflection questions to provoke the students’ learning, to prepare them for class, to prepare themselves to practice patience, and to motivate them to be more mindful about their approach to leadership.

Invite a mindfulness instructor or expert to lead a class

  • Suggestion: This is not a printable or purchasable tool, just a suggestion. This could be a highly interactive class in which students practice mindfulness as a way to learn patience.
  • Summary: Students typically love non-traditional class days like this, and mindfulness practice can be a powerful way for students to engage this topic. It is also highly consistent with the episodic approach to leadership presented in the model of positive leadership.

Values-Based Leadership Across Difference: The Life and Legacy of Nelson Mandela

  • Case
    • Price: $4.25
    • By Laura Winig and Robert Livingston
    • Harvard Kennedy School
    • Publication Date: 2017
  • Summary: Nelson Mandela’s life story is a story of patience, and provides many opportunities for discussing patience. One of the nice things about this case is that is also provides an opportunity to talk specifically about the relationship between patience and persistence, as well as the relationship between patience and other virtues.

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