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Teach: Emotion Tools

The following tools are some of our favorites for teaching the emotions of leadership.

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Andrew Thornton

  • Case
    • Price: $4.25
    • London Business School
    • Date of Publication: 2018
  • Summary: This case already focuses on emotion in followers and can be re-purposed to focus even more explicitly and comprehensively on the topic. Specifically, students could be assigned a reading on emotions, and then the instructor could ask them to (a) distinguish positive and negative emotions in the case, including the benefits of negative emotions and the drawbacks of positive emotions; (b) specifically identify other-praising emotions such as admiration, inspiration, elevation, gratitude, respect, and awe and how they help us to see where leadership is occurring in the case; (c) examine the effects of other-praising emotions, both with regards to followership and in general; (d) how the emotions of leadership differ from the emotions of management; and (e) why it matters that we make these distinctions.
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