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Research: Informal Leadership

The following links are some of our favorite research articles on the topic of informal leadership. Please share your favorites with us as well by either posting your favorites on our LinkedIn group, or by sending them to

  1. Ashford, S. J., & Sitkin, S. B. (2019). From problems to progress: A dialogue on prevailing issues in leadership research. The Leadership Quarterly, 30(4): 454-460.
  2. Mehra, A., Smith, B. R., Dixon, A. L., & Robertson, B. (2006). Distributed leadership in teams: The network of leadership perceptions and team performance. The Leadership Quarterly, 17(3), 232-245.
  3. Neubert, M. J. (1999). Too much of a good thing or the more the merrier? Exploring the dispersion and gender composition of informal leadership in manufacturing teams. Small Group Research, 30(5), 635-646.
  4. Neubert, M. J., & Taggar, S. (2004). Pathways to informal leadership: The moderating role of gender on the relationship of individual differences and team member network centrality to informal leadership emergence. The Leadership Quarterly, 15(2), 175-194.
  5. Wheelan, S. A., & Johnston, F. (1996). The role of informal member leaders in a system containing formal leaders. Small Group Research, 27(1), 33-55.
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