Christopher Crawford, 2013 graduate of the Entrepreneurship PhD Program is spotlighted again in the news.  Upon graduation from the program, he was awarded a visiting assistant professor position at Ohio University.

In 2012, he was highlighted in the UofL School of Interdisciplinary & Graduate Students “Student Spotlight.”

In 2013, while a student in the program, he was nominated in 2013 for the UofL Delphi Center Faculty Favorites Award for making a significant difference in the learning and intellectual growth of students.

Chris’ dissertation, “Causes of Extreme Outcomes in Entrepreneurship: Endowments, Expectations, Engagement, and Environments” won him the 2013 Kauffman Dissertation Fellowship.

Now, in his teaching position at Ohio University, he is again being recognized as Best Ohio University Professor.

Dr. James Fiet, PhD Director commented, “Chris was a very creative and energetic student who loved to teach and strive to understand why entrepreneurs were successful.  In his research, he studied cases of extreme entrepreneurial success such Bill Gates, to determine why they were successful, in contrast to the majority of entrepreneurs who never achieve such extreme entrepreneurial success.  He was never afraid to tackle a difficult research project and always relished the challenge.”

Congratulations Chris from the College of Business.  We are very proud of your achievements.

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