The University Student Academic Rights and Responsibilities may be found by following this link: Student Policies & Procedures

College of Business Student Academic Rights and Responsibilities

Every student is expected to be thoroughly familiar with the University’s Academic Policies and Procedures, and Code of Student Conduct, which can be found in the General Information section of the catalog.

Every student is responsible for reading the academic policies in the Undergraduate Catalog and official announcements of the College of Business and for abiding by such regulations.

Specifically, every student is responsible for knowing the grade point average and program requirements needed for graduation. Students are encouraged to see a College of Business academic advisor to clarify any questions or concerns.

Along with preparing for and attending class, each student has the responsibility to promote high academic standards.

Students are expected to cooperate in all classes with faculty members to achieve an optimal learning environment.

Inappropriate classroom behavior may result in the student being withdrawn from the course, and potentially assigned academic penalties. Inappropriate classroom behavior will be dealt with in the same manner as academic dishonesty.

Students who wish to pursue grievances of any kind may consult with the Student Grievance Officer or the Associate Dean of the College of Business (see Administrative Officers) who will apprise the student of the policies and procedures regarding grievances.

The College of Business will not tolerate academic dishonesty. The College of Business has a strong policy of academic discipline for action against students who commit academic dishonesty or conduct themselves inappropriately in the classroom. A proven case of academic dishonesty will normally result in the student being denied admission to or dismissed from the College of Business.  See the College of Business Procedures for Dealing with Academic Dishonesty.

Graduate Academic Dishonesty Statement

Students with grievances or questions about University of Louisville student policies may find some of their answers by following the links below:

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