AIM Tech

University of Michigan
Stephen John, Aaron Steiner

Every year, 1M+ babies die of respiratory illness; 99% of these deaths occur in low-middle income countries. AIM Tech has developed an affordable, high quality, low-tech pressure ventilator.  Our patent-pending, award-winning NeoVent costs less than 1/100th the price of existing ventilators, is easy to use and requires no electrical power. We have received Nepali governmental approval for clinical testing and are working closely with Respiratory Therapists Without Borders to implement. We plan to implement NeoVent around the world to save millions of lives among infants experiencing severe respiratory distress and for dozens of other respiratory conditions.

Aunt Mary’s

University of Western Ontario
Ryan Bauer, Erik Lapointe, Michael Palumbo

Aunt Mary’s provides consumers with powdered beverage mixes, capable of balancing and counteracting the foul taste of marijuana and other essential oils in an easy, enjoyable and convenient consumption method. The powdered mix will be combined with water and patients will add their own personal marijuana oil supply to the beverage.  We do not directly handle any marijuana oils.  This allows us to operate without being subject to medical marijuana regulations. We offer a smokeless alternative that all registered medical marijuana patients, from children to elderly, can benefit from.

Kitchen Table Inc.

Yale University
Zoe Lloyd

Kitchen Table was founded to improve accessibility to nutritious, plant-based food. We are reinventing cooking for today’s busy lifestyles by removing the barriers to preparing and eating healthy meals at home, with plant-based frozen meal kits that cook on the stove in under 15 minutes. Current time-saving meal options all require consumers to make an undesirable compromise – on their health, time or wallets.  Our frozen stovetop meals are nutritious, filling dinners with a full serving of a plant-based starch, plant protein side and nut-based sauce. They contain no artificial ingredeints or preservatives, low amounts of sodium and are vegan-friendly.
FACULTY ADVISOR:  Jennifer McFadden


University of Louisville
Max Kommor, Nick McRae

The asphalt industry loses $1B annually due to avoidable trucking related expenses. Typical GPS
Fleet Management solutions use expensive hardware and are built for companies that own trucks, not companies that subcontract them. Meta Construction Technologies, LLC ( is a construction-tech firm in Louisville, KY that is giving control to the asphalt industry with our innovative Fleet Management & Dispatch software solution, BlackTop. Asphalt contractors request trucks from trucking vendors and track drivers using our mobile app. With heavy highway construction and software development experience, the Meta management team is well-equipped to solve a large pain for an underserved market.
FACULTY ADVISORS:  Van Clouse, Suzanne Bergmeister


University of Manitoba
Warren Abrey, Catherine David, Keya Gaglani, Aditya Kedia, Chau Tu

Paramergent develops real-time communication technology to assist medical professionals. We built on the original concept by creating a tool that
captures and transmits the patient’s journey from first contact with the paramedic until hospital handoff. The technology is designed to save critical time and enhance information exchanges between paramedics and emergency room staff. Paramergent is passionate about creating new medical technologies aimed at delivering life-saving information as fast and concise as possible. Our goal is to build and provide the EMS solution of choice for effective emergency patient care.
FACULTY ADVISOR:  Stuart Henrickson

RED BioBattery

University of Arkansas
Zeqing Chen, Carlos Francisco, Carly Jenkins, Gurshagan Kandhola

Our biobattery business taps into the growing need for reliable, long-term and safe power in implantable medical devices (IMDs) such as pacemakers and defibrillators. Existing IMDs operate on conventional Li batteries that have a limited lifespan of 5-7 years. Our RED biobattery technology generates power from the difference in salt concentration in blood streams using a stack of ion-exchange membranes. It has the potential to last for the lifetime of the subject, thus eliminating the need for frequent replacement surgeries that expose patients to the risk of life-threatening infections and cause the entire medical network to incur huge costs.

Sohr performance + nutrition

University of Oregon
Jose Luis Campos, Andrew Ek, Joey Jaraczewski

Sohr performance + nutrition estimates that there are 11.8 female outdoor athletes in the USA> 61% of this market consumes a homemade plant-based protein shake regularly, and existing products in this category do not meet their nutrition expectations. Sohr will win this $168.9 million opportunity by releasing a line of 5 ready-to-drink, plant-based protein shakes. Launching in the Pacific Northwest in Fall 2017, Sohr is seeking $250,000 to capture the West Coast over a 3-year timeline. Sohr will become a Certified B-Corp to enhance our brand’s status among target consumers and provide a rigorous structure for our early stage efforts.
FACULTY ADVISOR:  Allan Cochrane

Stillage Solutions

University of Kentucky
Zach Yonts, Fletcher Young

The manufacture of activated carbons comprises a $1.3 Billion industry in the United States alone.  Current industry practices are expensive, inefficient, and harmful to the environment.  Stillage Solutions has developed a unique and novel chemical manufacturing process capable of producing high-quality activated carbons for a fraction of standard industry cost. This process, utilizing a biomass technique known as hydrothermal carbonization, is capable of converting the byproducts of alcohol brewing and distilling, known as waste stillage, into value-added activated carbon products. This process is also very environmentally friendly, producing only water, carbon dioxide, and innocuous gaseous effluents as byproducts.
FACULTY ADVISOR:  Mariam Giorjian

Structured Immunity

University of Notre Dame
David Hardwicke, Fan Ping, Tim Riley

Structured Immunity™ is a service based biotech company specializing in the optimization and enhancement of the human immune system for cell-based cancer immunotherapy. Our service provides significant value and solves key market pains currently affecting the immunotherapy industry:  potency and side effects resulting from off-target immune recognition.
Using an innovative platform known as Optimized Receptor Binding (ORB™), the company engages with pharmaceutical firms to engineer patentable cellular cancer therapies with enhanced tumor targeting technology.  ORB™ can increase immunotherapy potency, reduce side effects, and ultimately aid our customers in gaining FDA approval of new, best-in-class immunotherapies.


University of Notre Dame
W. Cole Craveth, Matthew Curtis

SVEME, or Small Volume Early Malignancy Exam, is a biomedical diagnostic tool designed to identify early-stage cancer. The test analyzes biomarkers from microvesicles found in bodily fluids, such as blood, and is important because it can improve patient survival by detecting cancerous lesions far earlier than existing techniques. As a diagnostic company, SVEME seeks to market this service directly to consumers in an effort to improve customer value, profitability and feasibility. SVEME will improve patient welfare by monitoring for life threatening cancers that, if caught early, can be dealt with in a more successful and cost-effective manner.
FACULTY ADVISOR:  Gaylene Anderson

Indiana University
Nicolas Palazzo, Jorge Pinilla

Toys4Trade is a user-friendly, location-based trading platform that facilitates communication between parents allowing them to exchange used toys and baby products at no cost. 80 million parents in the USA alone have kids 17 years old and under and share the same problem, toys-overload, spending over $370 per year per kid, with kids getting easily bored and toys accumulating everywhere. Toys4trade is here to solve the problem, allowing parents to trade toys in a hassle free manner, in three different ways: direct transaction, multiparty transaction and one-side transaction with an engaging points system.


University of Waterloo
Andrew McKinnon, Sean Smith

WeBahn is a platform that provides up-to-date, real time information about public transportation in developing countries, where there is poor or absent infrastructure to provide data about transit systems.Unlike competitors that lack precise information in these regions because they rely on centralized data from authorities, WeBahn offers a simpler proposal: connect the dots by putting tons of data that are currently available in commuters’ pockets to the service of these own commuters. Using crowdsourcing, crowdsensing and generating incentives for collaboration, WeBahn aims to use commuters’ mobile data as the inputs to generate real time information about journeys and schedules.

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