Welcome to the University of Louisville’s College of Business – the home of a unique doctoral program that is structured to provide a multidisciplinary understanding of the role of entrepreneurship in our society.  Our goal is to produce academic scholars who will present papers at professional conferences, publish papers in academic journals, and teach at the university level. We anticipate that our students will be successful academics at other leading universities. Because of this, our students serve as research assistants in at least three years while in the program, and teach in at least one year while in the program.

We are no longer accepting applications to join our Fall 2013 cohort. The next cohort we admit will begin the program in August 2015. The proper time to apply to join that cohort is in the Fall of 2014. At that time you should  go to http://graduate.louisville.edu/apply and follow the instructions. Initial acceptances will likely be made in early February 2015.  If you have any questions, contact the PhD program director, James Fiet, at (502) 852-4793 or email him at fiet@louisville.edu .  Also visit this page from time-to-time to see if there is any updated information.

The UofL entrepreneurship doctoral program is not the only program in the world, but there is no other program similar to it.  If you are interested in launching an academic career dedicated to developing and disseminating new knowledge, we invite you to consider what our program has to offer. The admission process is highly selective. On average, we accept only about three students into our program every other year. We are confident that the highly qualified students admitted will be pleased with the unique advantages that our program has to offer.

College of Business

College of Business
Harry Frazier Hall
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University of Louisville
Louisville, KY 40292
Phone: (502) 852-6440
Fax: (502) 752-7557
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