2018 Cardinal Challenge Teams

Feros Freight Innovations

University of Oregon
Michael Chisholm, Nha Ha, Jedidiah Womack

Feros offers the trucking industry a battery-powered trailer to reduce fuel costs and meet stricter emission regulations. By integrating existing technologies seamlessly, Feros creates a system that solves the barriers to EV adoption in semi-truck applications. We are transforming the role of trailers in the industry from a cost asset to a value-creation asset that enables companies to transport freight cheaper, faster and cleaner.



University of Kentucky
Corey Brizzee, Bobby Murphy

Metabolomics is increasingly used to diagnose disease, understand disease mechanisms, identify novel drug targets, customer drug treatments and monitor therapeutic outcomes. FluXomics is a health technology service company advancing dynamic metabolomics for precision medicine. FluXomics uses Dynamic Metabolomics™ which is a powerful technology for assessing health, biomarker discoveries, innovative diagnostic tests. Many laboratories have metabolite profiling or analytical chemistry capabilities, but comprehensive metabolomics technologies are extremely rare. The FluXomics team will accelerate research and product development across the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, consumer products, agriculture and nutrition industries, as well as academic and government organizations.



University of California, Los Angeles
Phil Sprawls, Felix Watson

Hansel is a peer-to-peer travel advice platform where friends ask each other about the best places to visit for a given destination. Hansel helps users identify which friends to ask, enables them to send direct private requests, and allows them to save the very best recommendations into playlists and social maps. These intimate exchanges yield high-value, personalized advice and reduce reliance on generic, crowd-sourced information from sources like Yelp! and TripAdvisor. We are passionate about travel and exploration, and envision a world where it’s easier to rely on friends than strangers for travel advice.




University of Manitoba
Kailee Grimolfson, Chelsey Hiebert, Michael Kurtas, Mandeep Saini

ioAirFlow is an automation solution that creates intelligent HVAC systems by integrating with a building’s existing HVAC infrastructure. IoAirFlow’s automation system will create a wireless multi-zone temperature solution on a secured Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) network. A core engineering team in Winnipeg, Manitoba has developed a software prototype that is ready to begin pilot testing. Although this prototype is primarily software-related, some hardware components are required to integrate ioAirFlow software with existing HVAC hardware. This innovative technology will be a disruptive product in the North American building automation market.

FACULTY ADVISORS:  La Royce Batchelor

Kau Bell Vodka

University of Oregon
Emily Darchuck, Ben Pinon

Kau Bell Vodka is a spirit company with local “farm to flask” roots. Through our innovative process, Kau Bell Vodka is crafted from the high-quality whey of local dairy producers which creates a value-added outlet for small businesses by transforming an existing waste stream into a valuable consumer product. The result is a velvety smooth premium vodka that offers a unique combination of a great tasting, local craft spirit along with an authentic commitment to sustainability that consumers are seeking.

FACULTY ADVISOR:  Allan Cochrane

Lapovations, LLC

University of Arkansas
Flavia Araujo, Michael Dunavant, Jared Greer

Lapovations, LLC is a medical device company focused on improving laparoscopy. Our first product, AbGrab®, addresses the #1 laparoscopic pain point for gynecologists.  AbGrab® is a patent-pending, single-use medical device that uses suction to attach to and lift the abdominal wall more reliably and less invasively than current lifting methods. Because no clinical trials are required to market this FDA Class 1, 510(k) exempt device, we face minimal regulatory burden. We own 100% of the IP, and our management team is well positioned to execute our strategy in this $750M market growing over 10% annually.

FACULTY ADVISORS: Carol Reeves, Sarah Goforth

Lyapunov Technologies LLC

University of Delaware
Anthony Rossi, Duanyi Wei

Lyapunov Technologies LLC is a technology-driven financial service company that strives to revolutionize the investment and risk management space by applying a unique engineering approach to handle unwanted disruptions and market uncertainties. The governing principles of our innovation are well-established and widely-applied to address volatility pertaining to physical systems from the stage acoustics to aircraft autopilot. With our trailblazing advances of this practice to the financial space, our comprehensive and systematic risk-management solution provides our customers with the perfect balance of performance and risk-protection, through a unique hedge fund offering customized financial services.

FACULTY ADVISOR:  Vincent DiFelice


University of Michigan
Andrew Kozminski, Michael Moore

MedKairos is automating the cancer biopsy assessment process.  We are a medical technology company building the Bioptic™ system to increase the accuracy of cancer sample collection and reduce the time and labor required to reach a diagnosis. Bioptic™ uses a proprietary cartridge, camera and image processing software package to verify that a sample has enough tissue to make a diagnosis – work traditionally done by a pathologist and a microscope. Our team of engineers, clinicians, and business veterans is strategically positioned to launch our flagship product in Q2 of 2019.


Mindful Mix

University of Louisville
JD Mitchell, Eric Wentworth

Mindful Mix (www.drinkmindful.com) is an all-natural mix fortified with vitamins and electrolytes.  In 2016, Americans ordered over 3,000 margaritas every hour, but if they wanted to enjoy a cocktail at home, they were limited to buying mixers full of sugar and artificial ingredients or juicing their own limes. This is despite that 90% of North American households purchased clean-label groceries last year, a category worth $62 billion. Time-strapped consumers don’t have a convenient option for enjoying a health-conscious, craft cocktail at home. Current Mindful Mix flavors include the Turmeric Ginger Mule and Super Greens Margarita, as featured on The Hub Louisville’s cocktail menu.

FACULTY ADVISORS:  Suzanne Bergmeister, Van Clouse


University of Notre Dame
Raja Krishnan, Nguyen Trung

SalvePeds is an early stage pharmaceutical company offering the novel drug ND-336 as a topical therapy for the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs). Pre-clinical studies with ND-336 in diabetic animals have shown that this drug accelerates healing up to 200% over placebo-treated, and is 150% more efficacious than the only FDA-approved drug Regranex™. Our goal is to provide an effective, safe and convenient healing treatment for DFUs to prevent thousands of amputations and fatalities. Currently, we have initiated IND-enabling studies and we plan on beginning phase I clinical trials in early 2019.


The Sustainable Products Company

University of Kentucky
Chandni Joshi, Ankit Jangid, Landon Mott, Priyesh Wagh

The existing $3 billion insecticide market doesn’t meet the need for all-natural, non-synthetic pesticides. As interest in clean food grows, there is an increasing demand for sustainably sourced agricultural products, especially with limited farmland availability. Many farmers, including organic, currently rely on synthetic or copper-based pesticides which increase yield but can lead to groundwater contamination and other negative effects. Consequently, safe agricultural products are needed. The Sustainable Products Company meets this demand by producing all-natural WiseEarth™ Pest Repellent. Our company will initially target the US insecticide market, with significant growth in potential global markets.

FACULTY ADVISORS: Jeffrey Seay, Mariam Giorjian


University of Toronto
Julie Huber, Apoorva Mittal, Natalia Mykhaylova

We spend 90% of time indoors and one faulty heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system can cost over $6,500/employee/year in employee productivity.  WeavAir harnesses advanced sensor technology, algorithms and predictive analytics to manage high value HVAC systems, improve indoor air quality, save energy and steamline operations. WeavAir attaches to vents and filters to measure the air coming out of these systems. Our devices measure 7 diagnostic metrics, streaming wirelessly in real time. We offer service subscription to building service providers, helping them save time and money.

FACULTY ADVISOR:  Marianne Touchie


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