2019 Cardinal Challenge Teams

Bar Buddy LLC

University of Louisville
William Bland, Daniel Masterson and Alex Zakucia

Bar Buddy LLC, headquartered in Louisville, KY, is a bar equipment distribution company that assists bartenders with our unique automated mixed shot machine that can deliver a round of six mixed shots in under 10 seconds. Going to bars is an exuberant social activity that people do to have fun, relieve stress, and create memories. Unfortunately, the memories people aim to create can quickly become nightmares when they are faced with the never-ending lines at a crowded bar. Speedy delivery of mixed shots by the Bar Buddy Machine will help ensure that every customer has a night to remember.

FACULTY ADVISORSVan Clouse, Suzanne Bergmeister and Mary Tapolsky

Bschool Travel

University of Michigan
Dhruv Dhawan, Dale Jarosz

Bschool Travel is a tech-enabled travel operator improving the end-to-end experience for MBA student travel. Through their unique business model, Bschool Travel offers affordable customized trips to large MBA student groups whom don’t have the time or resources to plan it on their own. Bschool Travel is implementing technology into a stagnant industry to help solve the time and affordability pain points that current MBA students experience when booking education and leisure trips around the world.



University of Arkansas
Sandra Bagley, Joseph Daniels, Donald Roush, Rohil Vadlamani

At CorroSense, we know that early detection is the key to keeping safe the men, women, and children who make 200-million trips over structurally deficient bridges every day in the United States. Through proprietary IP developed at the University of Texas and software developed by our company, we provide data and competitive insights to civil engineering firms related to the interior condition of reinforced concrete structures. We are seeking a $178,000 investment for a bridge deck proof of concept Department of Transportation Study at a 25% discount to the first priced round.



University of Arkansas
Melissa Fackelman, Lance Hartman, Skyler Lowery, Karena Malott, Justin Simpson

Fintruth is software as a service that will be an add-on to popular online accounting software. Our software will dig into financials line by line to detect fraud and wasteful spending. When we flag an abnormality we will then alert the user by sending them a notification. The user can then decide if the transaction was normal or not. Our software will also use artificial intelligence to learn each of our customer’s financials based on feedback the user inputs with each notification


Handprint Technologies

University of Kentucky
Carol Huyn, Jesse Okorafor, Kevin Richardson, Sorrosh Torabi

HandPrint Technologies offers a customized, wearable orthotic device for use in the treatment of stroke survivors with mobility issues in the hand. The glove-like device is designed with a special computer algorithm that uses a patient’s unique hand’s data, providing optimal therapy and comfort while wearing the device. These benefits enable the user to wear the glove throughout their day to perform simple tasks, providing similar benefits to therapy in a practical way, with the potential to reduce recovery time.

FACULTY ADVISORS:  Mariam Gorjian, Warren Nash

Holly Keith Lingerie

University of Michigan
Holly Meyers, Avantika Tiwari

Holly Keith Lingerie is a luxury lingerie brand, focused on designing high quality lingerie for larger chested women, through an innovative sizing system. Bra sizing has not been reconfigured in almost 100 years, despite changes in both women’s bodies and bra construction. Our new sizing system, based on sizing women by breast volume, allows more women to be sized correctly, resulting in a more comfortable product and experience for the customer. Additionally, women who fall outside the traditional size range have very limited design and quality lingerie options. Holly Keith is one of the first luxury large bra cup brands.


Perfuse LLC

John Hopkins University
Ana Ainechi, Smruti Mahapatra

Every day in the U.S., 48 spinal cord injuries (SCIs) occur. [https://www.shepherd.org/patient-programs/spinal-cord-injury/about] Primary phase SCI involves mechanical trauma, and secondary phase involves decreased blood flow and hypoperfusion of the penumbra, which can lead to further paralysis. [http://www.uscspine.com/conditions/spinal-cord-injury.cfm] Surgeons alleviate the primary phase injury, however they cannot know whether blood flow starts recurring. Thus, there is a need to monitor spinal cord blood flow (SCBF) to monitor recovery and mitigate secondary phase injury. Challenges include the small-scale, complex geometry of the microvasculature. We invented an implantable device that monitors SCBF.



University of Manitoba
Tyler Phill, Pradeep Rajana, Mahesh Kishore Sharma, Gurjaspal Singh, David John Vagolu

One of our team members self-built a house in 2013. In order to build, he bought 100’s of different tools. Most these tools were only used once and has been sitting in his basement since then. That gave him an idea. What if he could rent these tools out? That is what we are trying to accomplish with RentAnything. An online platform that anyone can use to rent out items that they own but barely use. This will help owners recover the investment and help rentee’s not having to buy an item they will only use once.


Routine Lifestyle

University of Louisville
Wells Edinger, Jeff Morris, Lee Quinn, Craig Schmidt

Routine Lifestyle is developing The Checkbox: an IoT smart button system for the home that is paired with a mobile application to help parents establish and maintain a pre-bedtime routine for their children. This simple yet innovative solution provides families with a tool to bring the consistency and comfort required to help children live healthy and productive lives night after night, and day after day.

FACULTY ADVISORS:  Suzanne Bergmeister, Van Clouse, Mary Tapolsky


University of Arkansas
Rebecca Bowen, Courtney Lindsay, Dan Zhao

Screenbux is a digital service that allows parents to manage their children’s screen time across all device types while teaching critical lessons in financial literacy. Our solution has many benefits for both parents and kids:
• Digital allowance: Parents can automatically allocate weekly screen time and/or cash allotments through a single digital currency: “Screenbux.”
• Self-monitoring: Screenbux motivates children to curb excessive screen usage by incentivizing them to earn and budget their “Screenbux.”
• Behavior Help: Parents use Screenbux to reward children for good behavior, accomplishments, chores and more!



University of Oregon
Amber Bass, Stedwin Coleman, Matt Van Hook, Nicholas Vanzwol

Synergic Medical Technologies is a medical device startup company, founded in 2017 and located in Eugene, OR. Using proprietary technology, Synergic designs and commercializes non-invasive products to better examine brain activity. We have been successful in developing Vibrotuner, a solution for Parkinson’s patients who cannot receive deep brain stimulation, prefer to avoid surgery, or who currently take medication. In conjunction with obtaining required governmental approvals, Synergic focuses their efforts on building relationships that act as a strategic distribution channel, and views success as a company acquisition.

FACULTY ADVISORS: Al Cochrane, Nathan Lillegard

Winter Innovations

University of Tennessee
Ryan Cunningham, Preston Dishner, Lia Winter

Winter Innovations invented EasyWhip, a surgical needle for orthopedic reconstruction procedures. There are approximately 720k orthopedic reconstruction procedures performed in the U.S. each year. A critical step in these procedures is graft preparation, where the surgeon uses a needle and suture to reinforce the ends of the graft tendon with a process called whip stitching. Our patent-pending needle construction makes the process more accurate, faster, and easier for surgeons when compared to conventional methods. These improvements result in better patient outcomes by reducing surgery time and risk of graft failure.



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