The BizComm Consultant offers consultations for any College of Business student or faculty member. This service helps individuals improve as communicators by offering advice for:

  • Writing (at any stage of the process)
  • Presenting (both developing and practicing)
  • Communicating (teamwork, interviewing, and other business communication situations)

Whether you need help getting started on an assignment, have a quick question about writing mechanics, or are looking for feedback on what you have already developed for a project, the BizComm Consultant is here to help.

Book an Appointment:

There are three kinds of consultations:

Face-to-Face: You will meet (by appointment) with the BizComm Consultant in her office to discuss your assignment. She can help you brainstorm ideas, draft, revise, and polish your project. Many individuals find these to be the most effective kinds of consultations.

Skype: You can video chat with the consultant while you both review your project. To use this option, you must create a free Skype account and have access to speakers and a microphone or headset.

Phone: If you do not have access to Skype and cannot make it to campus, you can talk with the BizComm Consultant on the phone while you both review your materials.

Please note: The BizComm Consultant is NOT a drop-off editing service. While editing-related concerns may be addressed during your consultation, the service is designed to help YOU develop your own communication abilities.

Your BizComm Consultant

Ashly_Version_3Ashly Bender Smith is a Ph.D. candidate in the Rhetoric and Composition program in the UofL English Department. She holds a Master’s in Rhetoric and Professional Communication from New Mexico State University. She has worked with writers in the classroom and in writing centers in Texas, New Mexico, and Louisville. Ashly’s research interests include military-civilian relations, rhetorics of identity, and digital composition.

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